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Wed. 3/1 All day Ash Wednesday 46 days before Easter. The Day of Ashes, is the first day of Lent, occuring forty days before Easter not counting Sundays. The ancient custom on this day is for the faithful to receive on the forehead the sign of a cross marked with blessed ashes. The palms from the previous Palm Sunday are burned and the ashes are blessed for the ceremony before the Mass.
Sat. 3/25 All day Annunciation
Sun. 4/9
Sun. 4/16
All day Holy Week
Sun. 4/9 All day Palm Sunday
Thu. 4/13 All day Thursday before Easter Commemorates Christ's Last Supper and His washing of the disciples' feet on that day.
Fri. 4/14 All day Good Friday The anniversary of the crucifixion of Christ. Also known as Holy Friday.
Sat. 4/15 All day Holy Saturday
Sun. 4/16 All day Easter
Thu. 5/25 All day Ascension
Sun. 6/4 All day Pentecost
Sun. 8/6 All day Transfiguration
Tue. 8/15 All day Assumption Day
Mon. 10/2 All day Feast of the Guardian Angels
All day Feast of the Gaurdian Angles Catholic day
Mon. 10/23 All day Creation
Mon. 10/30 All day Reformation Day Protestant day. On this day in 1517 Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg Germany, thereby beginning the Protestant Reformation. Lutherans observe this day on the preceding of following Sunday.
Wed. 11/1 All day All Saints Day
Sun. 11/26 All day Feast of Christ the King(c) Catholic day. Sunday prior to first Advent Sunday.
Tue. 11/28 All day Advent Sunday Sunday closest to St Andrew's Day begins the Advent season and the beginning of the ecclesiastical year. There are four Advent Sundays before Christmas.
Sun. 12/3 All day Advent Sunday
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